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− Aiming to be a complete musician −



Publishing my arrangements made for our concerts.


I'm an artist myself, but I also widely announce the success of friends and acquaintances. Some articles of big newspapers were made from there.

Jury of competitions

Called for the wind, string, vocal and chamber music departments, etc. Original comments are liked.

長谷川ゆき 楽譜研究中


The sympathy of the orchestra belonged Ms.Hasegawa, after the first moments of her outstanding conducting. Her musical intelligence, comprehension and realization of the scores attest an extraordinal talent.

I recommend warmest this highly gifted and cultured artist to promote and trust her responsible duties.

Prof. Michael Dittrich
Wiener Symphoniker a. D.

“Yuki Hasegawa studied with me from childhood to 18 years old.

She deeply empathizes with the music and plays it in a way that leaves a strong impression on people."

Prof. Fujiko Yamada

“I felt her (Symphony 5 by) Tchaikovsky was like a dream of the composer’s longing for the Southern Europe”

Takuo Ikeda
Music journalist

“She can create large-scale music with a solid skeleton.

The harmony supporting the melody line is rich and gives the music a sense of depth and color.”

Kyosuke Hasegawa
Music critic

Media Appearance

Ongaku-no-tomo, September 2018 (Review of Aurélien Sabouret & Yuki Hasegawa)
Ongaku-no-tomo, September 2018 (Review of Aurélien Sabouret & Yuki Hasegawa)