Yuki HASEGAWA, biography

5th Sep. 2021 updated

Born in Tokyo. Conductor, arranger and pianist who studied in Paris and Milan. Lives in Paris / Tokyo.

In 2019, Yuki Hasegawa was invited again as the conductor to the Japan Croatia Music Society (President: pianist Tomohiro Adachi), selected Papandopulo’s Sinfonietta etc., and premiered in Japan (Tokyo) with the Most Chamber Orchestra (professional). It was reviewed as “Wonderful contents with nobleness, romanticism, and also folk elements, and it is of great significance to have premiered such an excellent piece in Japan”, “The performance unfolded like a burst of energy right from the beginning”, “It was vibrant and had a good sense of neoclassical style”. In the Symphonies by Sorkočević, she succeeded in transmitting “charming sorrow (of the slow movement)” as well as “a composition style that has an Italianate brightness and something attractive” (all by Kyosuke Hasegawa*, music critic. *The critic is not a relative of Yuki. There are around 377,000 people named “Hasegawa”.) . Live CD and DVD of that concert and the previous “Piano concerto recital” (works by P. Dešpalj (Japan premiere), Gerald Finzi, etc. conducted by Yuki Hasegawa in 2017) are also published.

The piano recital aroused comments including: “a very eloquent and three-dimensional impression that made good use of dynamic playing style” and “Yuki Hasegawa brought out the characteristics of each piece well, and made us feel once again that the piano, as an instrument, is equipped with such a rich expressive capability comparable to that of an orchestra” (from the audience’s SNS post 2018) etc.

In 2020, Yuki Hasegawa became the only Japanese finalist of the Arthur Nikisch International Conducting Competition. Under the circumstances of Covid-19, she released streaming albums “Estampes & 3 Romanzen“, etc. as a pianist. It includes live recordings of the Duo Cordiale (flute: Mika Takeuji) which won 3 first prizes at the chamber music competitions in Paris. In addition, she began to publish music scores that she had arranged for her own performance activities. The piano part arrangement of  Franck’s Violin Sonata for cello recital of Aurélien Sabouret, her brother-in-law and principal cello with Opéra National de Paris (acclaimed in the Japanese prestigious magazine “Ongaku-no-tomo”), the piano transcription of Debussy’s “Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune” for the piano recital organized by Ark Securities Co., Ltd. in 2018, variations of piano interludes for Arban’s “Variations on a theme from the Carnival of Venice” featured on the recital album of tubist Jun Miyanishi, then principal with the Taiwan Philharmonic – the National Symphony Orchestra (greeted with considerable critical acclaim in the liner notes), etc. are being published sequentially.

In 2021, Yuki Hasegawa is studying with Neeme Järvi as a selected participant of online masterclasses and has been remarked “Yuki has fine gestures and conducting technique that helps her to express her musical thoughts. She has the talent to adjust quickly and pick up on new musical and technical ideas. She has a deep knowledge and understanding about music that she conducts. I enjoyed working with Yuki Hasegawa very much also because of her enthusiasm and love for music and unremitting efforts, and persistence to achieve great results. Yuki Hasegawa is a fine and passionate musician who shows great promise as a conductor.”. In parallel, she received arrangement commissions from the Blumenstein Piano Association and the Japan Croatia Music Society. Pejačević’s works arranged for flute quartet, 2 pianos and piano solo by Yuki Hasegawa are being premiered in August and September 2021. She has also produced online concerts in which she invites talk guests including an architect who are related to the composers’ land, to culturally enrich the auditors’ experience with dialogues about history and city structure. She also produced and has been running the latest music streaming lectures including the title “The Colors of Musical Keys” etc. by her former professors and relatives who are great musicians in Europe, for music students and teachers who are unable to receive lectures by invited professors from abroad in Japan due to the influence of Covid-19. These projects were subsidized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs – Government of Japan and supported by the Embassies of France, Germany and Romania.

As a chamber musician, Yuki Hasegawa has been passionate about the experimental harmony works around the beginning of the 20th century, including works by Vierne, Castillon, Lekeu, Roussel, Juon, Pilati, Stenhammar, Schulhof, and others. She places these works with famous works together and made familiar programs. Her concert series have been enjoyed by both the classical music connoisseur and the uninitiated since 1999, resulting also in a CD with Jean-Pierre Lacour, former violinist of the Orchestre de Paris.

Yuki Hasegawa is the laureate of many competitions in France, Italy, Austria (including the Brahms Competition as piano-soloist in Pörtschach) and Hungary (1st Prize with Unanimity of the member of Danube Symphony Orchestra in the 16th Conducting Course and Competition in Budapest).

She is a graduate of Kunitachi College of Music (piano), Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris-CNR (chamber music – perfection, écriture musicale and orchestration), Milano Civica Scuola di Musica Claudio Abbado (orchestral conducting – Biennio (master)) and Conservatoire National de Région de Saint-Maur-des-Fossés (piano accompaniment). She studied écriture musicale also in CNSM-Lyon. From school days in Japan and France, she has been frequently appointed as the official piano-accompanist for orchestral instrument seminars, competitions etc. by professors due to her rich musicality, sense of harmony and ease of going. Later, she has been also appointed as a pianist for operas and a member of the jury of music competitions including pre-selection jury of the Nikisch international conducting competition 2021, due to her wide musical sensitivity, strong and interesting point of view; objectivity, fairness and honesty towards people, and has been involved with aspects of music education.

Born in Tokyo, Yuki Hasegawa began piano lessons at an early age, studying with Professor Fujiko Yamada. She went on to study with virtuoso pianist Thierry Huillet in Toulouse and well-known professor Arnulf von Arnim in Germany, alongside tuition in chamber music with Jean-Pierre Sabouret (concertmaster of the Opéra National de Paris), Eric LeSage and Paul Meyer; orchestration with Alain Louvier; écriture musicale with Bernard de Crepy; piano accompaniment with Cécile Hugonnard-Roche; and orchestral conducting with Renato Rivolta, Vincent Renaud and Adrian McDonnell, among others. In 2019-2020, she studied as a trainee in Tokyo College of Music’s conducting department led by Junïchi Hirokami, and studied with Toshihiro Yonezu.

Yuki Hasegawa divides her time between Paris and Tokyo, enabled by her residence permit «Talent Passport» with all types of professional activity permission from French government. Collaborative artist with the prestigious agent Pro Arte Musicae Co., Ltd. in Japan. Composer member of the Irish Music Rights Organisation and Songtrust. President of Ensemble Cordiale (music planning office), Édition les bons concerts and Lyrica Records. 

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