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Frank's Sonata With a Good CelloFrank's Sonata With a Good Cello

The piano part arrangement performed in July 2018's "Paris Opera Principal Cellist Orelian Sable Recital", which was acclaimed in "Friends of Music" magazine, became a published score.

The mail order of the score which had been opened in the cello congress (Suntory Hall) on February 9 has started! Visit the Works page.

Arrange Reviews

Alban's original accompaniment score is so monotonous that this arrangement helps to enhance the look of each variation.

Shigeki Saeki
Alban"Variations on a Theme of Carnival in Venice" from CD Liner Notes

There was a novel one in the arrangement of pushing a complex Debussy's harmony to the front rather than making the melody line sound cleanly or decorating it.

Kyosuke Hasegawa
Music Critic (Introduction to "The Prelude to the Afternoon of the Makigami", arranged by Hasegawa

Graduation production

Debussy: "Pantomime" (piano accompaniment of the original song is arranged for orchestra)

Conductor: Dr. Alan Luvier (homeroom teacher)

Soprano Solo: Mayuko Yasuda

Orchestra: Student Orchestra, Paris High Conservatory of Music

I have included my original counter-melody in the middle part.Celesta is Mr. Cecilia Kudo.

Appearance of the National Conservatory of Conservatory of Music (now CRR)

Paris National Conservatory of Conservatory (from